Skill Development Advisors have come up as ‘Voice of Experts’ under Skill Development domain that mainly aids in rendering SSC affiliations in a stipulated time and also assists in obtaining the grants under many Government sponsored projects such as PMKVY, STEP, ISDS, MANAS etc.

‘Skill Development Advisors’ is an accredited B2B company that guides the Training Providers indulged in different Government program providing outstanding contact services to leading corporate firms, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

We serve the individuals who need unbiased answers to their business-related queries. We are experts in providing solution for:-

  • How to get SSC affiliation?
  • What will be the benefits for affiliation?
  • How to prepare proposals (also called DPR) for the Government program under Ministries apart from MSDE?
  • Help prepare the documents required for affiliation or other government projects as well as completing legal compliances
  • Outreaching the population in NE, Tribal areas, Naxalite areas, Jammu & Kashmir and other niche areas
  • Help prepare modules for TOT
  • Assistance in Job placements by developing strong industrial linkages
  • Loan assistance to prospective entrepreneurs