We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in Skill industry and region, locally and globally. All consultants contribute time and expertise to developing these insights, because they are integral to our ability to help clients achieve their goals.

  • Not for the income; we work for outcome
  • International Quality Standards
  • Research based Analysis
  • Best in Class services
  • Ethical and transparent business policies


  • To be a Knowledge Partner for Government Agencies/ Departments
  • Become a National think tank for Government Agencies/ Departments
  • Creating Awareness amongst Government Agencies/ Departments


Creation of an ecosystem for social startups, larger social impact, and knowledge creation.



  • Selection of ventures
  • Mentoring Seed Funding
  • Infrastructure support
  • Resource network development


  • An expert team with diversified backgrounds such as law, marketing, education etc. enriched with experience of being associated with various government schemes like PMKVY, ISDS
  • In-depth analysis on demographical skill gaps
  • An outreach to 600 districts including Andaman & Nicobar, Jammu & Kashmir, Tribal¬† areas, Naxalite and North-east areas
  • Training Partners can arrange as many follow up sessions as required
  • We are just a call away


In the current scenario, India faces severe shortage of skilled manpower, since only 2.3% of its workforce has undergone Skill training.

MSME sector contributes only 17% to the GDP in India in comparison to 85% in Taiwan, 60% in China and 50% in Singapore which indicates that the Indian capacity to harness entrepreneurship has not been fully realized.

The spread out of Skill Development Program over the years without any robust coordination and monitoring mechanism that failed to produce skilled people or providing skills aligning to the market demand.

Vocational training program compromising on quality and employability, defeating its entire objective.

Keeping this scenario in view, the Government took a pledge of skilling almost every Indian youth to make them employable in every sector of Indian as well as International job market.

Our Standard operating procedures (flow chart form)

Research Activity

Look for Solution

Chalk out the Action Plan

Implement the Plan

Track the Progress


Recruitment Services: Optimizing Workforce

Call Centre Services: Grade of Excellence

Vocational Training Partners: Ensuring Deliver

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